Go get Gone Girl

In twenty years (honestly, I predict sooner), high school seniors will be reading “Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn. They’ll buy it with their Calc book and Chem 2 goggles and annotate and highlight it. They’ll write papers on the disillusionment of marriage and how society affects our perception of gender roles. They’ll SparkNotes it—yes it’s a verb—and […]

These people look scared, but here’s what they’re thinking

Oh Canada, we stand on guard for thee haunted house’s secret camera. Apparently, there’s a beyond brilliant haunted house in America’s top hat called The Nightmare’s Fear Factory that takes a shot at the visitors—wait probably poor word choice, but you get it—at the scariest point of the house. The result is hilarious—but funnier when […]

Ten things I learned from #GIRLBOSS

Devastatingly, I’m entering my fifth month post-graduation. I’ve gotten a graduate level certificate, framed my Magna Cum Laude certificate, written more than 100 cover letters, done a dozen interviews, freelanced, interned and cried (a lot). Yet, here I am in the room I grew up in sitting on more than a few disappointments and sporting a […]

It didn’t take much for everyone to fall in love with Pete Davidson on SNL

Last night, during Saturday Night Live’s 40th season premiere, Pete Davidson began his SNL career as a featured cast member, and everyone is all about it. During the episode, the gangly, big-lipped and charismatic 20-year-old had precisely one monologue on Weekend Update, three one-sentence lines as NFL players and one sketch playing video games, but […]

Everyone Is All About That Bass

So, what’s up with everyone singing about butts? Don’t get me wrong—it’s fine. I’m not being a prude or anything, but jeesh. The music industry definitely loves big butts as much as Sir Mix-A-Lot. I literally drove around for maybe 20 minutes and I heard all of these songs with booty allusions. 1. This one […]