State of Mind During State of Affairs

Katherine Heigl’s new show premiered last night. It was overall hard to believe and confusing. This is my stream of consciousness. It opens with exlusive footage from Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. “Good doesn’t have to come. I do.” — on her slutty-ness. OK, lady. Her name is Charleston? And her nickname is Charlie? Like, […]

Amy Poehler tells it like it is—and how it should be

My biggest problem with celebrity memoirs is that they are self-serving, full of google-able facts and celebrity shout outs. I only care about one of those things—I love when celebs call out other celebs. It’s great. And, it makes me feel like I’m a part of their inner friends circle. Yes, Amy Poehler has the […]

Jack Antonoff Loved Houston, But Houston Loved Him More

“Houston, you’re going to be the show to beat on this tour,” Jack Antonoff says to his crowd at Fitzgerald’s last night, as if his constant smiling didn’t already prove that he was having a freaking blast with us. houston was an unbelievable show. THANK YOU — jackantonoff (@jackantonoff) November 2, 2014 I think it’s […]

10 Things I Learned From Lena Dunham

I’ve been listening to (thank you, Lena Dunham’s new book, “Not That Kind of Girl” primarily for her colorful candor, but also for her cadence—girl can tell a story. One thing I kind of hate about audiobooks, though, is the lack of structure you get. Usually, it’s OK because the only structure is chapters and […]

My bar scene: I’ve come full circle

November 21st will be my 3rd anniversary of being 21. For the easily confused, I will be turning 23. And, Natalie two years ago has a very similar bar scene to Natalie current day: Midtown. I know! Anyone familiar with Houston is either shaking their head, disappointed with my avoidance of the hundreds of amazing […]