Journalists make the BEST of best friends

Warning: This blog will be 100 percent accurate, while simultaneously being a shameless pitch for you all to BE MY FRIENDS FOREVER.

So, we all know that journalists are the best of people (wait, this is so sarcastic, just FYI). But journalists as a collective have a distinct personality. I think it’s because the industry demands a particular set of traits: hard working, personable, articulate and with really low expectations when it comes to pay–well anything actually.

But, all of these traits–and a few more–are what make us such good friends. Here, I’ll prove it!

  1. We’re good listeners. We WILL listen and nod to your stupid stories.
  2. We’ll know odd and interesting facts, for your entertainment. AND, obviously, we are excellent story tellers.
  3. We’ll proofread your papers–and LOVE it.
  4. We’ll randomly know financial or practical information at a youngish age that we might otherwise not.
  5. We’ll have some pretty sweet connections from doing a random story on a restaurant–yes, I would like a free appetizer from the chef I interviewed yesterday.
  6. We’ll appreciate any ideas for stories, because sometimes we are creatively drained.



  7. We know how to look for and find a job. Because chances are we have had to do this a lot #nojobsecurity #crying
  8. We are willing to put ourselves in awkward/uncomfortable situations for a story, so sure. We’ll go to that strip-tease-pole-dancing class with you.
  9. We’re always willing to discuss current affairs with you. Take notes and look smart to your bosses.
  10. We will be your drinking buddy, because alcohol.
  11. Just as we are loyal to our (some might say) dying industry, we will be loyal to you and our friendship.

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