It didn’t take much for everyone to fall in love with Pete Davidson on SNL

Last night, during Saturday Night Live’s 40th season premiere, Pete Davidson began his SNL career as a featured cast member, and everyone is all about it.

During the episode, the gangly, big-lipped and charismatic 20-year-old had precisely one monologue on Weekend Update, three one-sentence lines as NFL players and one sketch playing video games, but the less than 15 minutes of screen time was enough for everyone to fall in love with him, his freshness and his incredible comedic timing.

I’m searching for a comparison. I’d love to be able to compare him to another fantastic former SNL cast member (like how Kate McKinnon is the new Kristen Wiig, in terms of versatility, talent, etc.), but it’s near impossible to compare him to anyone because he is just… so… different.

I’m not the only one who’s a fan.

He’s just so damn likable. He’s so New York, which is refreshing. He grew up in NYC and lost his father in 9/11 and took to comedy to deal with his loss. He loves his mom.

Madre loving

And his girlfriend.

GF love

Who couldn’t love this kid?

If you are living under a rock and are like, “who da eff is Pete Davidson?” Get acquainted. I’m guessing he’s going to be here for a while.

I’m just not sure exactly what it is, but I want to move back to New York, become best friends with him and go out drinking with him. Obviously, this is probably not going to happen for multiple reasons. Namely, because Mr. Davidson is under the legal drinking age.



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