A famous author once said: “[PUT INSPIRATIONAL QUOTE HERE]…”
[Put interesting life story here. Mention internships… Texas Monthly, Houston Magazine and Houston Chronicle. Talk about degree in Journalism from the University of Houston and Publishing Certificate from New York University. Blah blah blah….]

[Mention that I am looking for a writing job or editing job. Try not to sound desperate: YOU IS SMART, YOU IS IMPORTANT. Seriously, don’t sound unemployed. Sound employable! Put link to professional website.]

[Talk about personality: How I majored in snark and minored in shamelessness. Ugh, but sound less like a terrible person. Make clear that my sarcasm is light hearted and hilarious.]

[Now mention something about what I read or my hobbies. Make reading suspense novels and crime nonfiction magazine stories sound NOT creepy or sketchy. Talk about scrapbooking without sounding like a soccer mom. Talk about restaurants and food without sounding like a fatty. Link in other blogging endeavors like Diary of a Texas Monthly Intern and Summer in the City, which together netted 6,000 total views and growing. Sound humble and not ridiculously excited about that.]

[Think of more things that are interesting about me….. wow this is hard]

[Interesting closing statement. Consult google?]


[Something Creative Here] was titled temporarily and then decided I loved it. It’s a journalism thing to type notes throughout a story in brackets or to use “TKTK” or “XXXXXX” as place holder text. On a deeper level, this title is touching on how everything is editable. As a writer, you know your story is never really done. You’re constantly revising and improving. Each thing you write, even after it’s published, can be revised or expanded upon.

As a journalist, I am never finished. And, I’m perfectly fine with that.

Wits for Kicks from a similar moment of creativity. I love being witty and sarcastic. Wordplay is a lifestyle–not just a hobby.


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