My bar scene: I’ve come full circle

November 21st will be my 3rd anniversary of being 21. For the easily confused, I will be turning 23. And, Natalie two years ago has a very similar bar scene to Natalie current day: Midtown. I know! Anyone familiar with Houston is either shaking their head, disappointed with my avoidance of the hundreds of amazing […]

The waiting game

I feel like I’m constantly waiting. Waiting for the semester to be over. Waiting to hear back from scholarships or internships. Waiting to graduate. Waiting. Indefinitely. Except one thing is definite. By the end of March I will know if I will be living in New York City with the ASME internship, if I am […]

Scrapbook kid

When asked “What are your hobbies?’… what do you say? Most people say things like reading, hanging out with friends, working out, watching movies, and other things that HELLO, everybody does. I scrapbook. And that’s not something I really ever thought I’d do. But I do it. I do it A LOT.  And I kinnddaa do […]