Amy Poehler tells it like it is—and how it should be

My biggest problem with celebrity memoirs is that they are self-serving, full of google-able facts and celebrity shout outs. I only care about one of those things—I love when celebs call out other celebs. It’s great. And, it makes me feel like I’m a part of their inner friends circle. Yes, Amy Poehler has the […]

UH can and should have a mandatory freshmen housing rule

‘Twas the fall of 2010. I was 18 and a fresh-faced freshman at the University of Houston—you may have heard of it. I had been in love with the campus since my brother started his college career there in 2008. But, my residency depended on how much scholarship money I could receive. Option A. receive the […]

Journalists make the BEST of best friends

Warning: This blog will be 100 percent accurate, while simultaneously being a shameless pitch for you all to BE MY FRIENDS FOREVER. So, we all know that journalists are the best of people (wait, this is so sarcastic, just FYI). But journalists as a collective have a distinct personality. I think it’s because the industry demands […]

A PSA for people who work with student or young media

As a student journalist, a nearly graduated one at that, I’ve worked extensively with student and professional journalists… as well as student and professional sources. The media is subjected to daily scrutiny and judgment–something that is inevitable. People expect their news to be hand fed to them and they expect it to be perfection, but […]

The waiting game

I feel like I’m constantly waiting. Waiting for the semester to be over. Waiting to hear back from scholarships or internships. Waiting to graduate. Waiting. Indefinitely. Except one thing is definite. By the end of March I will know if I will be living in New York City with the ASME internship, if I am […]

If by lazy, you mean busy

HI. THIS IS GOING TO BE THE FASTEST, SHORTEST, RANTY-EST POST.  So I’ve been news editor for The Daily Cougar, hold your applause, for a few months now. And it is absolutely killing my spirit (and spirits.. I get why journalists drink). Work is so constant! I basically never stop. No, seriously, ever. What do […]