Journalists make the BEST of best friends

Warning: This blog will be 100 percent accurate, while simultaneously being a shameless pitch for you all to BE MY FRIENDS FOREVER. So, we all know that journalists are the best of people (wait, this is so sarcastic, just FYI). But journalists as a collective have a distinct personality. I think it’s because the industry demands […]

7 reasons Andi was the most strategic Bachelorette ever

We can’t all blame the producers about this one. This year’s Bachelorette was just as calculated and strategic as any producer. Maybe it was her attorney-inspired composure. Maybe it was her self-serving attitude inspired by her extreme conceitedness, but most of the season’s episodes, promotion and commercials induced extreme eye rolling on my end of […]

Why you should care about these cards a woman is passing out

There are thousands of feminist issues I could rant about. Literally one a day for the rest of the year. But, I don’t typically have a particularly strong opinion/stance/experience with one issue or another. I’m just not a particularly vocal feminist. I believe there are still significant inequalities, however, and little things perpetuate them. Still. […]

Neither here, nor there: Advice for surviving in limbo

Limbo? You know, the space between heaven and hell? Hell being undergrad and heaven being full-time employment. Yeah, semi-permanent resident here (73 days and counting), and it has the be one of the most trying times of life. You study hard for four years to earn a degree in something you’re passionate about and want […]

A PSA for people who work with student or young media

As a student journalist, a nearly graduated one at that, I’ve worked extensively with student and professional journalists… as well as student and professional sources. The media is subjected to daily scrutiny and judgment–something that is inevitable. People expect their news to be hand fed to them and they expect it to be perfection, but […]