10 Things I Learned From Lena Dunham

I’ve been listening to (thank you, audible.com) Lena Dunham’s new book, “Not That Kind of Girl” primarily for her colorful candor, but also for her cadence—girl can tell a story. One thing I kind of hate about audiobooks, though, is the lack of structure you get. Usually, it’s OK because the only structure is chapters and […]

Journalists make the BEST of best friends

Warning: This blog will be 100 percent accurate, while simultaneously being a shameless pitch for you all to BE MY FRIENDS FOREVER. So, we all know that journalists are the best of people (wait, this is so sarcastic, just FYI). But journalists as a collective have a distinct personality. I think it’s because the industry demands […]

18 signs you are a second semester college senior

OK. So let’s be real for a second and talk about how lists basically run the world. Buzzfeed is obviously doing something right (i.e. the first time I’ve been to that site’s homepages was just now. I have viewed the content daily but always because multiple Facebook friends shared the link and Facebook was like, “That’s […]