Why you should care about these cards a woman is passing out

There are thousands of feminist issues I could rant about. Literally one a day for the rest of the year. But, I don’t typically have a particularly strong opinion/stance/experience with one issue or another. I’m just not a particularly vocal feminist. I believe there are still significant inequalities, however, and little things perpetuate them. Still. Today. In 2014. How?!?!

So, it doesn’t super surprise me that one Minnesota woman, after complaining to some guy friends about the catcalls/street harassment she endures on her daily commute to work downtown, her guy friends were in disbelief that: A. catcalls still exist, and B. that she was annoyed with them.

The woman, who only goes by Lindsey to protect her privacy, created Cards Against Harassment and printed business cards with sassy “leave me alone, please” messages to pass out to her gentlemen street callers. She encourages others to do so on her website, and she runs a hilarious twitter (@cardsagsthrsmt) that shames some not-so-great guys who say some not-so-great things to her.

Even better, she films some of these precious interactions with her cat callers–although she does not encouraged like-minded women to do the same. Give ’em a card and get yourself out of there. As you can probably assume, some of these men do not take to her ideas too warmly.

Obviously, Lindsey has received much media attention, and rightfully so. But it just bums me out how little people understand about the issue. Like, maybe this isn’t women being physically attacked nationwide, but why can’t people see that this is an issue negatively effecting women all the same?

It just does not feel great to be superficially appraised by a stranger on a street. Let’s say you’re walking to work in a bustling urban area. You’ve got your Starbucks in one hand and your iPhone in the other, frantically typing out an apology to your boss for being so late. You’re stressed. You’re even a little sweaty. Not at all feeling your best. And, a stranger approaches you and says, “Mmmm. Damn girl, I could eat you up.” It’s in passing and, other than a lingering stare, the stranger passes on by with nothing more to the incident. You feel EVEN worse, unsafe in your daily route and a little bit gross. Self-doubt sinks in. Frustration. And, that man? Well, he goes about the rest of his day thinking he just gave you the sweetest compliment ever.

As with every feminist topic, there are women to blame at the forefront as well. After a great story done by a reporter for Good Morning America, hosts Amy Robach and Robin Roberts made light of the idea that Lindsey is offended by these catcalls, with Amy even saying “Keep ’em coming!”

Really… REALLY? I mean I get the line of thought and it’s sad that so many women are of this same opinion, but I really hope she–and all the viewers–see that what she basically just said is she craves attention from the opposite sex so much that comments from strangers about her body are welcomed. Keep them coming.

You deserve better. WE ALL deserve better. Men don’t have to deal with this, so why should we?


One thought on “Why you should care about these cards a woman is passing out

  1. From personal experience and also being a women I feel she’s really spiteful. I can respect the fact for her views on the mistreatment of women, but not how she spews disgust towards anyone who doesn’t necessarily see eye to eye with her.

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