State of Mind During State of Affairs


Katherine Heigl’s new show premiered last night. It was overall hard to believe and confusing. This is my stream of consciousness.

  • It opens with exlusive footage from Call of Duty Advanced Warfare.
  • “Good doesn’t have to come. I do.” — on her slutty-ness. OK, lady.
  • Her name is Charleston? And her nickname is Charlie? Like, nah.
  • Hold up does she really get to work at 2 am? Naaahhhh dealbreaker. And it says she has 6 hours to do the briefing. WTF does she do for the rest of the day. I’m so confused.
  • They are called “briefers” and a “leave it to briefer” joke was made. They all fill in different important people on the goings on. The people that help research are called “watchers” and they hate Katherine Heigl because she’s a hardcore bitch (PITA-Pain in the ass).
  • The briefers just laughed at a story about people getting killed omg  what. They are worse than journalists.
  • I find it so hard to believe that there’s breaking news at 2 am. convenient.
  • HEY THE POTUS IS A WOMAN! #feminism
  • She’s got great clothes, but she’s def a frigid bitch.
  • I find her really unbelievable as this character. Like, she is way too cold to emote and she has to do that a lot because her fiancé died.
  • Wait did this show predict ISIS? Because the group they are fighting is oddly similar.
  • Her fiancé was also the president’s son? #nepotism.
  • Hahah the president is a bad actor.
  • She has a cool jacket on.
  • Oh, some random guy who is texting her thinks so too.
  • I seriously don’t understand why Jack
  • I don’t get why she was banned from the building. That seems super childish, like “UMMM UMM UM MA MA. You’re in TROUBLEEE.”
  • “Teenage girls send texts. Does that seem like my style?” lolz. Using that.
  • Annndddd… I have no clue what is happening. She now thinks her fiancé is not dead. Buuuut she’s back to being a slut in the bar.

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