Jack Antonoff Loved Houston, But Houston Loved Him More


“Houston, you’re going to be the show to beat on this tour,” Jack Antonoff says to his crowd at Fitzgerald’s last night, as if his constant smiling didn’t already prove that he was having a freaking blast with us.

IMG_9298I think it’s safe to say that your crowd members were equally thrilled to be there—at least these two were.

The venue—small with wall-to-wall fans—provided a cozy, intimate experience that allowed him to get emotional, which is something Antonoff wanted when he started Bleachers.

“I really believe in being very personal and not holding things back,” Antonoff said to Fuse. “I grew up on and still listen to a lot of albums where other people’s lyrics meant so much to me, and I got so much from it.”

And with lyrics like these, sung in his earnest disposition to a crowd singing along to each word…

They closed the parkway late last night
And as I sat with the echoes of lies that I told
I felt young, never changed by crooked hearts
So put the shotgun back in the glove
Come on and wait another year for
that dream far away
To come home, to be brave

Everything has changed
and now it’s only you that matters
I will find anyway to your wild heart

—Wild Heart, Bleachers

…who could even control their feelings to that. I sure couldn’t.

Oh and speaking of control, I also lost it when this happened:

That's me and Jack making faces (and Cara not controlling her excitement).

That’s me and Jack making faces (and Cara not controlling her excitement). I said let’s make goofy faces and he said, “My face is already pretty f*cking goofy.” Never change, Jack.

The emotion-driven music isn’t new. Antonoff did this in Steel train, too.

When i was eighteen everything was alive
Then the planes hit the towers
Then she died and he died
A part of me disappeared six feet in the ground
A million miles in the sky a fire burns,
A fire burns, a fire burns and it is mine

—I Feel Weird, Steel Train

I hate that I didn’t know of Steel Train when it was still a band because I really would have loved seeing them live. As if he knew my regret, Antonoff gave his band a break and performed “Bullet” acoustically last night.

And of course, I got “I Wanna Get Better” on video—rather poorly, honestly. Some losers were leaving during it (WTH, right?!) and kind of shoved me right when Antonoff kneeled down and I kind of lost him for a second. The quality is obviously terrible because everyone is singing so loud—but that’s what made it so great!

All in all, it was a great day.


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