I feel bad for the “I feel badly” abusers

Ryan Gosling is mad at your grammar mistake.

Ryan Gosling is mad at your grammar mistake.

When did the world just decide to start saying “I feel badly” instead of “I feel bad,” because the world is wrong on this one. Nice try, though.

I’m watching ABC’s new show, Selfie—don’t watch it unless you only love Rom Coms or you just have 20 minutes to kill each week… I’m the latter, not the former by the way—and a character used “I feel badly.” In the same week, so did Kate Walsh’s character in “Bad Judge.” And, again characters said they were “feeling badly” in two different episodes of “The Red Band Society”—gosh this post is going to evolve into a rant about the terrible TV shows I’m watching this season.

And so I’ll clear the air in an attempt for a public service announcement, for TV show writers and friends of mine alike: you’re not feeling badly. You’re pretty much always mean feeling bad, unless your feeling/touching sense is not great. In that case, you should say you are feeling [insert what you’re attempting to touch here] badly—Example:

“I can’t figure out what I’m touching because I’m feeling it badly,” said the blindfolded girl with underdeveloped touch-response nerve cells.

I’m sorry if this is annoying—and most people get this. I’d say the misuse is rare, but for some reason I’ve been extremely aware of this recently. It’s not exactly the “I’m doing good/well” debacle of the early 2000s, but a grammar faux pas always has the relative severity: annoying to all end.

Stay bad, not badly, folks.

Did I just blow your mind? It's OK, take a nap.

Did I just blow your mind? It’s OK, take a nap.


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