These people look scared, but here’s what they’re thinking

Oh Canada, we stand on guard for thee haunted house’s secret camera. Apparently, there’s a beyond brilliant haunted house in America’s top hat called The Nightmare’s Fear Factory that takes a shot at the visitors—wait probably poor word choice, but you get it—at the scariest point of the house. The result is hilarious—but funnier when you learn what exactly is going through their minds.

Just from observation—and you’ll see what I mean when you go through the pictures—but people have a few different responses when going through a haunted house, and usually people have a combination of reactions. Usually they:

  1. Scream (mouth open wide—like the wider the more it’ll help?)
  2. Close their eyes. Out of sight, out of mind?
  3. Grab onto the closest person—stranger or not.
  4. Feign calmness—the silent suffers/posers.
  5. Back into a corner or wall. Any corner or wall.

As a complete haunted house baby, I’ve done all of these. Now see a bunch of people do these things and see what they were thinking in their moment of fear.

(All photos from the haunted house’s website—ps there’s more! Via this news site.)

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