18 signs you are a second semester college senior

OK. So let’s be real for a second and talk about how lists basically run the world. Buzzfeed is obviously doing something right (i.e. the first time I’ve been to that site’s homepages was just now. I have viewed the content daily but always because multiple Facebook friends shared the link and Facebook was like, “That’s some quality stuff right here. Quick, Natalie view this and then share it too.” If you can’t beat them, join them. (Honestly another lure is I can write random things and put numbers in front of them and boom. They flow.)

Actually, now that I’m thinking about it… this has GOT TO BE a Buzzfeed list already, right? Look, I don’t want an answer to that. Let me have this ONE THING, MMMMK GOOGLE?

Basically, I start my last semester of college (well, undergrad. J Biebs taught me to never say never about grad school. That’s what that song was about right?) tomorrow, and I’m having a mixture of emotions. I’m excited, sad, happy, impatient and just so so so so scared. Each five month semester has been different–and amazingly so. I’ve never sat still long enough to get bored. And don’t even get me started on summer and winter breaks. Like, what writing/journalism job can I have to keep those? I’LL DO IT. On that note, how do you find the perfect job without having any non-internship/campus job work experience? Please don’t give me that “you probably won’t, sucker” line because come on… there’s gotta be a way and someone is just sitting on that info.

Alright, before I start crying about my fast-approaching future in the work force, here are 18 signs you are a second semester college senior like myself.

1. You haven’t updated your blog in about seven months. HAHA BUT REALLY. This obviously doesn’t apply to everyone, but there’s something similar for everyone (think: YouTube channel, Netflix queue, LinkedIn profile picture, or whatever). My last real blogging has been on my other blog that was about my summer internship. That was about five months ago, so same thing. You’re so busy, I don’t know, going out with your friends on Thursdays because Fridays are do nothing days in college trying to pass your classes/working/sleeping in your free time that recreational writing elicits responses like: “WHY HOW WHY ARE YOU DOING THAT WHEN YOU COULD BE SLEEPING A SOLID EIGHT HOURS FOR ONCE?” or “Lame” as my roommate literally just said to me after I told her what I was doing.

Wait... unless this counts.

Wait… unless this counts.

2. You’ve either posted about your last class schedule…. or you’ve been too lazy to. I realized that covers all my bases there but seriously. You’ve either been emotional and bragged about posted your three-class schedule that doesn’t have classes before noon and only two days a week, or you’re so over it. Like, even the idea of logging into your account then screen capping your schedule and then logging on to Facebook… Look, I’m tired just writing about the process…….. so you obviously know which type I am.

3. You already know which classes you’re going to drop. You signed up for it knowing that if you don’t need it, it’s dropped like it’s hot. However, because you’re a savvy senior, you signed up for it just in case.

4. You don’t have to research where your classes are. They are all either in the same building because all you have is your major requirements left or you know your campus like the back of your hand. My campus is HUGE. There’s know way I could know a quarter of it… but like me, you’ve probably learned how it works. Underclassmen hint: 204 is usually on the second floor and even numbers are on one side of the hall and odds are on the other. Like buildings are usually grouped together–if you find Science Building 2, you are close to 1–and if you stop to look at a map, you will get scoffed at. Screen cap a map of your campus and use your phone to view it if you get lost. You’re welcome.

5. You plan to spend the absolute minimum amount of time on campus. Like, you go home in your hour and a half break just to sit on your couch for like 20 minutes watching Ellen. And it’s totally worth it.



6. You bring snacks and activities to class with you. I mean you plan to dedicate at least 40 percent of your attention to the professor, but the other 60 percent goes to your Cheetos and Snapchat…. and your prof never notices. Hint: turn your sounds off or else claim that you took a screen cap when everyone turns around after your selfie.Selfie-GIF-Saturday-Night-Live eating

7. You leave your sounds on your phone in class. Simply put, you don’t even care. You also text/email a lot in class and you claim you are taking notes.

8. You listen to music/watch Netflix/watch YouTube between classes. Sometimes even while walking to your classes. Or, you watch on the public/shared computers and encourage the strangers to watch with you.

9. You know way too many professors. After 9120389 rec letters for internships and hours spent in the classroom, you basically know or know of every professor in your college. Like, it’s annoying to have to be professional and polite when you just want to go home after a three-hour long day. But on the other hand…. you might need references… Maybe you should hold that door for them and not duck into the bathroom.

10. You don’t have your books yet…. and it’s halfway into the semester. Your classmates agree, sharing is caring.

11. All of your classes are with friends, online or recommended by friends. OK, you might have one class that is an important requirement, but the rest are classes you can put only that 40 percent effort into and still pass.

12. Homework is something you do right before class starts.  And with one of your friend who is taking the class with you. Projects and tests are obviously prepared for in advance, if by in advance also can mean the same day or the night before.

13. All nighters do not include schoolwork.  Rather, alcohol, impromptu movie/game nights and Whataburger.fat

14. You’ve freaked out about applying for graduation at least once. Seriously, why must this happen. Can’t I just meet with an adviser and be like, “cool if I walk in May?” Like, it’s a terrifying that I might not be approved… and even scarier that I have no clue how the process works, even though it’s been explained to me. It’s like when someone tried to explain to me how the digestive system works.

I'm trying to listen I swear!

I’m trying to listen I swear!

15. Your friends have jobs lined up already. And you may have one too…and if you don’t you are seriously considering de-friending all your friends who have jobs on Facebook, because their statuses about job orientation and shopping for work clothes is just thoroughly depressing as you consider moving back in with your parents… oh and crying.

My face when I see another person announcing their new job. I GET IT YOU'RE MORE SUCCESSFUL THAN ME.


16. You literally don’t care if you’re late for class. You don’t care where you have to park or how long it takes you to park. Dealing with that every day for the past 3.5 years has beaten the care right out of you. Running to class is just not a thing. If you miss something that’ll be on a test… there’s usually a curve no biggie.

17. You have one distinct response for people who ask about what you’re plans are after graduation. It’s either excitement, fear or denial. Mine is usually the fear with a joke about how I will be unemployed or working outside my major. I say joke because that’s what I make it look like… I’m so serious though. cryhappy18. You truly have bittersweet feelings about graduating. Whatever your response is to how you feel about graduating, you know it’ll be legitimately sad and happy to leave that cocoon of a campus and transform into the butterfly you will be for at least 40 years in the work force. You’ll miss your friends, your 15-hour class week and the excuse to do pretty much anything since you’re “just a student.” But after all your hard work studying your butt off in your major and completing your various projects and internships, being able to do the job you’ve been working for AND get paid for it will totally be worth it… even if your road to your dream job has a little ways to go.rorygilmorefunnyface 100percent friendsLet the countdown to May 9, 2014 begin–for better or for worse.


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