Being 21….

… is not that different.

Why society, why did you set me up for such a disappointing birthday.

No I mean I had a WONDERFUL birthday. I love my friends; I had oodles of fun. But seriously, why was I under the impression that at 12:00 a.m. I’d be instantly draped with adulthood? Why did I think that my life would never be the same? All that’s different is my money vanishes faster and my tab at dinner doubles. And where, might I ask, is the HEB or value brand of wine or vodka? Specs, get on that.

Color coordinated? Because I'm classy.

Color coordinated? Because I’m classy.

OK, maybe I should think more positively. No more zero-tolerance. Not that drunken driving is ever a viable option. I’m a terrible driver as is. Plus no MIPs. Completely dodged that bullet in my adolescent years. And, OK I do love bars. Everyone is so nice there! (That is not naivety. I realize they’re all drunk, but drunks are generally more sincere.) I’m typically a social person–a butterfly, if you will–so adding another outlet to spread my wings is always welcome.

All in all, I had a wonderful birthday! I went out and celebrated with my friends the night before and enjoyed my beautiful manager’s wedding on the day of! Yes, I was angry to share my day with her… but the open bar made up for it.

I was super busy this semester with the chron (see linkage page) and with school. But I managed to make time to start a youtube channel with my best friend. We take pinterest ideas and make them into a reality… sometimes we’re successful. They usually include alcohol… This post has come full circle! Here is our channel…

Happy Holidays, y’all! Stay safe. Enjoy responsibly.

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