“Pitch Perfect” is Aca-perfect

What do you get when you cross singing, a hot/hilarious cast and an assortment of corny puns? My ideal movie.

I don’t even know how to begin to express my love for this movie. Wait no I do: Rebel Wilson. You know, the Mexican tattoo girl from “Bridesmaids”? Elizabeth Banks’ employee from “What to Expect When Your Expecting”? Seriously, the girl from “Bachelorette”! OK if reading those words brought no hilarious, quote-able moments from those movies to your head I have to ask a question: How big is the rock you’re living under cause I’m thinking its HUGE.

Hmm this looks familiar… proving my point that this movie is “Bridesmaids,” college edition.

Wilson is Fat Amy in this border-line “Step-Up” themed movie. With out here this would be like watching a mix of “Bring it On” and “Glee”–not that I wouldn’t have liked that. I just wouldn’t have ugly snort laughed as much as I regrettably did tonight watching this movie.

Anna Kendrick plays a moody college freshman, Beca (#youknowyouarehipsterwhen your name doesn’t conform). Well…  that’s new. OK but get this. Instead of being a wannabe actor/singer/dancer/something else boring, she is an aspiring DJ. So props for semi-originality. Honestly, Anna Kendrick is just an improved version of Kristin Stewart who also sings… pretty damn well. Take that moody bitch.

Apparently Andy Samberg was unavailable because they hired his clone to play opposite remix re-beca. They kiss once. This is all  I have to say about them.

Just as Fat Amy upstages Beca, Bumper (AKA Adam from “Workaholics”) upstages er-body else. I think Adam DeVine is divine so he cracks crackers up like it’s nothing.

Oh and Brittney Snow is in the movie. She has herpes nodes. She is a redhead. She is comfortable naked? That is all.

While there were some under-developed plot lines (which always piss me off… it is half-assing that character development! Either include it OR NOT.), what really made this movie bearable is Adam, Fat Amy and the music that had me singing my way out of the theater.

This movie would KILLED it if there was less vomiting and more hanky panky. “Magic Mike” has raised my desire for man bodies on the big screen… there’s just no un-seeing that 😦

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