You better call CPS cause you’ve been NEGLECTED.

And for that, I am sorry. I could just tell you how busy I’ve been… but I’d rather show you…

Watch the sex!

JAYKAY… That, as all you pervos just saw, is my first published article at the Houston Chronicle. What’s that you say? THAT is the biggest publication in the THIRD largest city in the US.

So yeah, that basically takes up three days of my week. Two are dedicated to Pappadeaux (where they actually PAY me). And on the other two I have classes. Throw in some babysitting time, sleep and feeding myself and I basically have enough time to tie my shoes. Seriously, I have had to buy all slip-ons. It’s actually a really sore subject for me… moving on…

But YEAH. The internship is going really well! I like it a lot! There are a few things that have been kinda… odd.

For instance… Hearst is a HUGE corporation and the Chron is one of the biggest papers… My previous internship was at a magazine with about 10 cubicles. There’s that many FLOORS in the Chron building! Look, I’m not bragging about my paper (OK maybe a leetle) I’m just setting this up factually: Big coorporations are WEIRD.

There I am.

Firstly, there’s no possible way to know everyone. Like literally. It’s impossible. Unless you’re that guy from Suits with the photographic memory, so shit gets kinda weird. Basically 12-14 people offer salutations to me daily and I might not even know the first letter their first or last name. So then I stand there incredibly awkward and quietly mumble “hello” or “good.” I just never know what to do. Day one I was like “just ignore everyone and they won’t say anything.” Wrong. And I just looked like a  bitch. Day two I was like “just smile and nod?” that’s acceptable … but did not satisfy the saluters. I just kinda look like “No hablo ingles.” So finally I got it down lock: “treat everyone like they yo bffl.” They say hello, you say how are you. They say great, yourself. You say fine but just wish my boyfriend would stop roid raging, but you know day in the life.. am I right? Bam. They’ll never say anything to you ever again. You’re welcome.

Secondly, there are  actual policies and rules to follow. Like sexual harassment, parking issues, in addition to AP style rules I still am learning. I’d like to say I know and follow them but I mainly just keep my head down… you know, live passively is what I always say.

But seriously, it is an amazing experience. I am in awe of the entire publication and I can’t wait to see my name all over the paper! 🙂

I could get used to this.


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