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What I Wore Today: Hobo Edition

Hey everybody! So my name is Colleen Engel and this is no ordinary What I Wore Today blog. This is a blog from a lazy girl that doesn’t often put much work into her look, so needless to say you’re going to see some pretty ugly days on here hence the hobo edition part.

So to get us started off I have a perfect example of what I’m talking about. Today I got ready in about 10 minutes and it shows. Greasy hair, makeup from yesterday, and chipped toe nail polish are all parts of this ensemble. I paired all of this with a tribal skirt, black v-neck, and some gold gladiator type sandals (They were the first pair of shoes I saw that looked like they might sort of match). I did remember to brush my hair (point 1 for me), but forgot to put on deodorant (point 1…

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