My Newsroom obsession

I’m starting to believe that HBO shows are just superior to all other shows. Starting with Aaron Sorkin’s The Newsroom.

Barney Rubble stars as Will McAvoy. I love that out of all the actual iconic pieces Jeff Daniels has played (101 Dalmations, Dumb and Dumber and Because of Winne Dixie) I choose to label him as a character he actually hasn’t played. I can’t help it! I just see Barney 😦 Once I got past my Flinstones fetish, I became instantly obsessed with this show’s concept, characters and plot.

Basically this is about a cable news show, News Night, being completely revamped by a new executive producer and coincidently the host’s ex-girlfriend. As my friend Damien, who is almost too gay to function, would say… DRAMA! But that isn’t even the half of it. There is a love triangle between three other ACN (Atlantis Cable Network) employees riveled only by The Office‘s Jim-Pam-Roy situation. Maggie is dating Don but flirts and has this great friendship with Jim Harper. Just kidding the story line is identical. The writers didn’t even bother using a different name like Tim or something. They should have just named him Jim Halpert and had him give awkward looks to the camera. I wish they had a Dwight 2.0 character.

The Newsroom actors and their dopplegangers.

Oh, I’m forgetting the BEST part of this show. It’s news is our news a year ago. So Gabby Gifford’s shooting? Covered. The capture of Ossama? Covered! Even Casey Anthony makes the show. And what makes the audience so enthralled is the fact that we already know how it ends! I love being smarter than the characters of a TV show. Kinda how I feel when I watch Bachelor Pad.

Anyways, it is more than enough reason to pay out the ass to get premium channels on your cable TV. Don’t believe me… taste this taster on your taste buds. Put this in your pipe and smoke it. How do you like them apples? And anything else cliche I’m forgetting.

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