Robyn the dancefloor

I know 2012 Robyn who sings “Call Your Girlfriend” and “Dancing on My Own”–you know those songs where you can’t help but both belt the lyrics and flail your arms like those wacky waving inflatable arm tube men. What’s that? That’s just me? Liars.

But for serious, I’m about to a-scare you with some facts. FACT: Robyn is 33. FACT: Robyn is SWEDISH! OK that’s not shocking but it is a fact. FACT: Robyn’s first CD was released in 1995. DFKGJDFWERFD? WHERE has she been? WHY haven’t we heard her before “Body Talk”? Actually, you might have.

This video, off of ’95 “Robyn is Here,” screams ’90s… so we can’t blame her for everything. BUT STILL, so funny that this baggy-clothed, frumpy Sweed turns into this!!

Mind blowing, right?

Well we don’t have to guess where she’s been. She’s slipped under the US radar because she’s foreign and she’s also a very active philanthropist for organizations like UNICEF. Personally I think she’s been avoiding the limelight so that people forget that god-awful blazer. Although boyfriend blazers are back, apparently. What’s next, turtle necks in Vogue? MC Hammer pants in Marie Claire. Please stop making those 45 pound models wear those terrible styles!

One thought on “Robyn the dancefloor

  1. Why is she the only white girl in her video? And I refuse to believe that those black girls really dance like that. I think the director made them so that she would look better lol

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