Michael Phelps is SO 2008

Didn’t you hear? Ryan Lochte is the new and improved Michael Phelps. Lochte recently beat the highly-decorated swimmer, Phelps, in the 400 IM. Not a swimmer? That means 400 meters of various types of swimming (freestyle, breast stroke and back stroke). Lochte won the gold while Phelps… didn’t. even. medal. Now, I personally LOVE ME SOME MICHAEL. He’s so talented and so unbelievably odd shaped–yet still adorable. But this new kid (well new to the gold medal platform, he is the same age as Phelps, 27, and went to the ’08 Olympics too) is quiet a looker too. Oh, who am I kidding… he’s dead sexy. In summary, I’m unequivocally torn between these two USA swimmers! I KNOW! I’ll make a pro-con list!

OK. This attempt at a pro-con list just turned into a love fest and google image search of both of these men. I want Phelps to win because he is just not used to loosing. But Lochte says “this is his time” and you know what, I believe him! Now let’s see if the proof is in the puddin’.

So, who are you rooting for?

The cutie on the left or the cutie on the right?

2 thoughts on “Michael Phelps is SO 2008

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