The Superbowl minus the football

There is this awards show called the Clio Awards that honor the best commercials in the world. Mmk, so how have I never heard of this? This is amazing! I not only should have watched the crap out of this every year… but I should also be a judge.

Clio is the Greek goddess and muse of history, great deeds and accomplishment. Frankly that is a little pretentious to call your 30-second clips of barking dogs and other hilarious things an “accomplishment” but props to a creative name. Although I guess using the “Commies” would have a negative connotation.

Whut a looker..

The Clios aired last night on our lord and savior, NBC. And while watching at the gym, I wondered when the hell “America’s Got Talent” was coming on and what are all these frakking commercials? After an embarrassing amount of time, I realized what was happening and fell in love. Let me share with you my fall-off-the-stationary-bike-because-they-are-all-so-great winners!

Agency of the Year: BBDO NY.

My personal fave video was a part of HBO Go’s campaign. The idea was to film extremely boring interactions and show you how this could have been avoided if you had an iPad and subscribed to HBO. It really just showed me how thankful I am to have more interesting friends and coworkers… and job in general.

On a side note I’m PRETTY sure this is Jonah from “Veep,” but that is only a guess.

Network of the Year: Ogilvy & Mather. 

This one’s touching. It is both adorable and extremely sad. I want this little boy. And I want him to be happy. :(:(:(:(

Advertiser of the Year: Volkswagon

Either this was going to be annoying as shit… or incredibly impressive. THANK GAWD it was the second.

Production Company of the Year: Smuggler 

Not sure what this is exactly… it is either from New Zeland or somewhere else where they have these sexy accents. But foreign or not, this is something anyone can relate to.

And that’s that, folks. Let me know if there were any commies that YOU thought that goddess missed! Personally I thought this one from the superbowl was totes underrated…

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