How to Shop Online!

If anyone could tell you how to do this properly it’s this girl. I shop online pretty intermittently. Basically, a timer goes off in my cloudy little head and I crack open my laptop, yank out my wallet, put some sort of reality TV on and go into a online shopping coma. I frequent many shopping sites and order a whole lotta crap. But I have mastered this time and time again! So here’s how I successfully shop online! 

Set yourself up. 

If you’re half the obsessive shopper I am, it is gonna happen. You are going to spend money. Think of it this way: Do you usually walk into one of your favorite stores and always find something you love? UH DUH. Well then the same is going to happen online!  Clicking ‘add to my basket’ is not metaphorical to me, unfortunately. So go ahead and grab your credit card and maybe a tall glass of something and prepare yourself.

Choose your domain.

This is Da Main thing.. ha haaa. Now, I like to go to sites of stores I go to in real life. But there are thousands of shops that are online only and vice versa because some of your favorite stores have the shittiest websites… I’m talking to you Target.  My personal recommendation is to feel it out. Most of these online only places (in my own experience) are more expensive and lower quality… because no one sees the clothes in real life until they have already bought it. BUT they do have some killer clearance items. Also a perk of going to places that you can go to in real life: you can usually return it in the store and don’t have to worry about shipping it back!

26 inches = hella short. Know your lengths!

There’s no online fitting room.

Man wouldn’t that be awesome. You make yourself into an online avatar with your own dimensions and stuff and try on clothes virtually! Wow, “Shark Tank” here I come. Until then here’s my advice for buying smart: Going to sites that are also stores or sites you’ve ordered from before  is beneficial to you because you already know your sizes! But if you haven’t bought from there before use the size chart. It’s also good to know what sort of styles look good on your body type: just because it fits, doesn’t mean you’re gonna like it. Being idealistic is not so good for shopping online. Pay attention to the measurements of the clothing. Crop tops are deceiving! So make sure you look at how long the shirt ACTUALLY is. Dresses are the same way. Everything looks short on the 6 foot model so look at the length in inches and decide from there. Your own closet is beneficial to you at this time so you can check your sizes of your current clothes that fit you and also remind you of what you ALREADY have.

I also advise you stick to buying select things online. For instance, I usually only buy shirts, dresses or accessories online. Pants/skirts are just so hard to be on and shoes need to be tried on in the store in case they hurt your little peddlers. However, I’ve found both successfully online so it really just depends!

Start with the clearance section.

Step one: type in site URL. Step two: click clearance. Step three: Click ‘View All.” Step four: Thank me. Seriously, there are sometimes I don’t even go to the regular priced items because I’ve found so many good deals in the bargain bins! But if you work in reverse, you already found $500 worth of merchandise you cannot live without. Alas, sometimes it should be called the trash bin so if it is you are allowed to move to the new arrivals.

Heed previous purchasers comments.

Most sites allow for feedback. THIS IS YOUR BEST ASSET! I mean if you were buying a camera or DVD player online you would look at user feedback to make sure the battery isn’t shit or the quality is good right? So why wouldn’t you use it for a dress or pair of pants. Feedback is amazing and the other shoppers’ advice may save you from buying a top that runs small or a pair of shoes that is not worth the pain. Pay your duesand go back in and rate the pieces you purchased!

Helpful, right?

Add THEN edit. 

I view online shopping like Pinterest: you repin all the things you like and THEN you go back in to your boards and you’re like “no I do not want this haircut BLEH.” So go ahead and add 872 pairs of skinny jeans and then go back and see which one you ACTUALLY want to make your second skin. There is the minor drawback of you might not see in logically come decision time and you will want them all. But I can’t help you there, that’s a sickness and I’m not yo doc. 

A real print screen shot of an email I got THIS MORNING!

Never pay for shipping.

OK so never say never. But MOST places offer free shipping on orders over a specific amount. Like on Forever 21’s site it’s over $50–which is usually easy for me. Some places make you break $75 or $100. But… it might still be worth it if you find tons of things you want!  and Delias  both send out catalogs and emails with special coupon codes more regularly than your mom on Activia. So just sign up EVERYWHERE. You’ll get “$25 off” this and “Free Shipping” on that. It both spurs my online shopping addiction causing me to spend that cash money but also saves me a lot as well. FYI, I just made three different orders online and didn’t pay a dime for shipping. It can be done!

A moment of pure joy. Am I right?

Patience, young grasshopper. 

Unlike shopping in real life, your splurges don’t thunk in your trunk the day of purchase. You gotta wait for a man to bring it to you–ugh aren’t we always waiting on men? This is why it is important NOT to shop online for something you need ASAP. It is unnecessary stress. You can however, track your bundles of joy online and the ETAs are usually pretty accurate! And when you DO finally get it, it is like Christmas came early.

The unavoidable UH-OH

So some of you won’t follow my sage advice and you will get something you don’t like/doesn’t fit. If it can’t be returned face to face then try either giving it to a friend or selling it! It’s that whole trash to treasure thing. If this all fails, go ahead and send it back. What’s a few bucks to get the proper size/color?

Where I spend my money…

I go to Forever 21, Nordstrom Rack, DSW, Payless, E.L.F, Bath and Body Works, Alloy, Delias, Old Navy, Lulu’s, H&M, Express, Victoria’s Secret, and probably tons more that I’m forgetting.

So I really hopes this helps! And please feel free to add to this advice or share some shopping stories below in the comments!

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