Nom Noms…

Oddly this isn’t about food. FOOLED YA! I’m a leetle late in talking about this (as I am in in most aspects of my life). And I might have been inspired (slash made more cynical about life in general) by this lovely piece of perfection.  But anyways…. These Emmy Nominations are preeetty redic. Let’s explore….

My OMG YA list: 

My heroine. Hey Fey Fey.

  1. 30 Rock.” Best Comedy. I know at this point it’s be a huge WTF if they WEREN’T nominated, but I love want to be Liz Lemon/Tina Fey. She’s a hero. A role model. A real winner in a world of losers. You go Glen Coco.Home girl is also nominated for best actress in a com. As is Alec Baldwin for best actor in a com. But no one cares. Because he yells at nice ladies.
  2. Girls.” Best Comedy. And Lena Dunham in everything else… Seriously. Not taking my precious time to comb though all those noms that gal got. But this Houstonian works HARD. Speaking as a Houstonian myself AND as someone who watched the ENTIRE season of “Girls” yesterday, she is so deserving. Not only because she exposes her entire naked bod in every episode. More power to you, lady. But because she MAKES this show. In both meanings of the word. She literally writes and directs. And without her character Hannah… then the show would be about a few conceited, dramatic girls. Basically my high school. Lena… did you go to St. Agnes?

    Dunham’s Girls as I know them: Marney, Jessa, Hannah and Soshanna.

  3. Kristen Wiig. Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy. Speaking of girls I love…Others need not apply in this nom category. Kristen Wiig (like her “SNL” Sista, Tina Fey) is another one of my comedic heroes. She is so lovely. And the number of time she made me pee a little in her skits on “SNL” is a little bit embarrassing. So we should all agree that is a trophy in itself. Bill Hader is nominated in the male version of this category! Best of luck to him. I mean he needs it.. Haders be hatin.
  4. Downton Abbey” Best Drama Series. I very recently jumped on this bandwagon (remember… I’m a late bloomer). So recently that I’m not even finished watching it (SO NO SPOILERS!). But after the initial shock of Prof McGonagall being such a bitch… I LOVE THIS SHOW. It constantly keeps me on my toes and screaming at various EVIL characters. Plus it gives me TONS of practice with my British accent. Which is very up to par, btw. 

    The pondering prince himself.

  5. Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” Best Variety Show. My attachment to this show is possibly from my infatuation with Jimmy AND maybe the fact that I saw a taping of it when I was in NYC. But mainly it is because this show is like none other in late night. It isn’t even fair to judge him against others. I mean he does a segment where he occasionally plays beer pong with his celebrity guests. Wahhh? Now that’s good TV. He’s up against his nemesis/BFF Stephen Colbert (“The Colbert Report“) and former home-show “Saturday Night Live.” I’m pulling for J Fall but I’m def OK with either of these shows. Jimmy is also nominated for best guest actor in SNL!
  6. So You Think You Can Dance” Best Reality Competition. AND best host! YAY Cat Deeley. This is my not-so-secret obsession show. Even though I absolutely can’t dance. Not now, not ever. This show makes me feel like I can! And inspires me to… watch it all the time! The choreographers are absolutely brilliant and you can throw a rock and hit more talent than I have ever had. That is unless you hit Mary Murphy.
  7. Amy Poehler in EVERYTHING. Mk this girl officially got too many noms. I can’t take it. She’s a mom. With a lot of noms. She’s the nom mom. Best of luck to her and “Parks and Recreation!”
  8. ahh too many more.

My WTF IS THIS? list:

  1. Where are the noms for  “The Bachelor,” “The Bachelorette,” and “Bachelor Pad”? Oh… are they not good enough to compete with “The Voice” and “Dancing with the Stars”? Let’s all reflect on that. Well it might be because their is just no competition for this show. There’s no category for “The Best Hotties-Finding-‘Love’ Show.” Too bad.
  2. The nominees for best host: Cat Deeley, Tom Bergeron, Phil Whats-his-face, BETTY FUCKING WHITE, and Ryan Over-publicized Seacrest. OK. Now “Off Their Rockers” is pretty funny but not THAT special. It’s basically like watching an old folks home on crack. Wait… that’s brilliant. There’s no competition here.. go for the gold, Golden Girl!
  3. The fact that I think ALL the nominees for best animated program are already sold to syndication (not sure this is true HA.) But seriously… I thought all these shows were over already: “American Dad!”, “Bob’s Burgers”, “Futurama”, “The Penguins of Madagascar: The Return of the Revenge of Dr. Blowhole” (SERIOUS WTF list), and “The Simpsons.”
  4. Degrassi” got nominated? More importantly, “Degrassi” STILL EXISTS?!? Is Drake still on it? I mean, what do they even cover in that show anymore? After you do anorexia, teen pregnancy and depression… what else is there? I’m gonna need to tune into TeenNick more often. Or, you know, not.
  5. The number of categories of Emmy Nominations. Whew… this is gonna be a long show.


  1. I most def haven’t watched all these shows.
  2. I’m pretty partial because I basically never watch anything that isn’t comedy orientated.. or British apparently.
  3. I like girl actresses/writers/directors a lot apparently…. Thanks all girls Catholic school for instilling that in me. Fucking glass ceiling shit.
  4. I make some pretty definitive statements in this that should not be taken completely serious. HAHA.

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