Scrapbook kid

When asked “What are your hobbies?’… what do you say? Most people say things like reading, hanging out with friends, working out, watching movies, and other things that HELLO, everybody does. I scrapbook. And that’s not something I really ever thought I’d do. But I do it. I do it A LOT.  And I kinnddaa do it well. 

These are my three scrapbooks! The top one is the Terry 2011-2012 Scrapbook.

Here is all my papers and my box of scraps! It’s a lot but still not enough!

I wind up developing too many pictures than I can use… Whoops.

I get allllll my scrapbooks, paper and stickers from Michael’s. They literally have rows and rows of stuff! AND weekly coupons! I get all of my pictures developed at Walgreensbecause they are fast, right by my house, easy to upload and also have weekly coupons!

My folder of stickers! So many I will forget about some!

I’ve always like pictures! I got my first camera was in 7th grade and it was purple. I took it everywhere! BUT, it was film so many a terrible picture was developed.

I blame my mom. She loves pictures too and makes many photo albums. So does HER mom. My Memaw made both my brother and me a huge photo collage of our lives as a graduation gift. It is a beautiful collage of Natalie.Love it.

You see, I suggested that a lamp be hung over it and possibly an en-scripted plaque maybe. I mean, I’m kinda a big deal. (Please reader, sense the sarcasm.)

So basically it was my destiny.

I started scrapbooking my freshman year of college–as a way to document a very important time in my life! I loved it immediately–idk maybe I just like pictures of myself. And scrapbooking is my creative way to feed my narcissism. Who knows.

I like to put hats on people for birthdays/graduation/halloween etc. This is something my friend pointed out to me… and now I’m gonna do it every time.

So last year I was elected as historian for my scholarship program and every year we make a scrapbook. Guess who gets to make it? So now I’m on my THIRD scrapbook. And I get to make it with anoth

My New York pages! I picked up A LOT of things from places we went to so that I could put it in!

er’s bank account. SCORE. PS. It is a lot of work. But I love it!

I like to use things (like maps or programs) to make custom paper.

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