Love me some Leo.


I can’t get enough of this boy!

I’m actually not talking about Leonardo DiCaprio, although I do love him and I literally can’t wait to see The Great Gatsby. I’m talking about another blue-eyed boy that stole my heart. My new kitten!

Well OK he isn’t mine per say… but he loves me the most.. shhh! My crazy mother got him. He’s about eight weeks old, 2 lbs., 1/2 oz., and is a ragdoll siamese mix. Leo is (unfortunately) looking more siamese right now but we’re hoping he will be as fluffy and personable as the ragdolls.

He is the best kitten ever. He is so chill, he’ll fall asleep anywhere–literally anywhere–and meows very little. He is fine with my other kitties Maggie and Holly and even with my dog Dutch. But… Maggie and Holly are NOT OK with him. Maggie slaps at him and Holly makes evil noises straight from hell. But maybe they’ll get along one day…?

I took Leo to the vet to get some tests (feline lukiemia and such) and some medicine (he has fleas AND worms, yuck) and he was so awesome! He got his tests all done (and was a little shaky) but then was sleeping in my lap less than five minutes later!

Leo’s motto: Play hard, sleep hard.

He sleeps on my shoulder!

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