And Now For Your FEET-ure Presentation

Paid my podiatrist a lil visit today! He unwrapped the mummy that is my foot and poked and prodded (ouch by the way) my foot for a little bit and decided it is in tip-toe shape! He said the crutches are optional and I am able to walk on it if I wanted to. I don’t want to. Not even a little.

My toes = overstuffed sausages. I’m sexy and I know it.

My mom keeps asking me about my pain on a scale of 1-10 which is such a misleading question because my answer is always like 4 or 5.  Not to mean that it doesn’t hurt… trust me it does. The hard core pain pills make me lose my lunch SOOO I’ve been working with ibuprofen. Not ideal. But to me, wouldn’t a ten be like loosing your foot completely? Or taking a bludger to your head? Basically, I’m too tough to give it above a five. 

What has been annoying is tripping on it. I trip normally so adding this big ole shoe doesn’t help. Adding crutches to my lack of grace is just setting me up for a loss already.

I actually walked yesterday! And then I sat for a while crying. OK just kidding but it hurt! So I’ll try that a little later… or you know, never. I did manage to make it up the stairs (by crawling) and slept in my own bed! It was a nice reunion between me and privacy. I enjoyed it.

Oh also the title is because AFTER the doc, I got to go get dinner with my mom and NOW I’M GOING TO A MOVIE! I’ve missed the public. Well not really. But I have missed going out!

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