Surgery is weird. On top of the super scary waivers I had to sign AND the invasive tests I was subjected to, I was rocking one of those super sexy backless hospital gowns, a slightly to extremely large hairnet and some pretty bad ass, slip-resistant booties. I mean I don’t wanna sound conceited or anything… but I was a 10. 

So after turning a few heads in the  surgical center… you know how I do… I was rolled into what I can only remember as La La Land. I was there for five minutes or so… well my mom said 45 but I guess we’ll never know.

Anyways after the surgery they gave me a Sprite! Such service! So I filled out a comment card and checked all of the “very satisfied” boxes. None of that last part was a joke.

I’ve just been chillin on the couch all day! It has been very productive actually. I watched four How I Met Your Mother episodes, 7 Modern Family and the New Girl season finale. Next up… The Bachelorette. Taking over the world… one comedy show episode at a time.

This is about as graphic as it is going to get for a while. It is all sorts of wrapped up!

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