What happens in PCB STAYS in PCB…

Today I woke up and didn’t put on a bikini and didn’t walk thirty feet to a beach. Today I didn’t lay on a towel in the sand, reading a magazine and listen to the waves of Panama City Beach. Today I woke up in my bed at home with my cat literally on my face and hit the snooze button. I’m going through some serious beach bum withdraw. 

What I woke up to…

“What the hell is beach bum withdraw, Natalie?” you may ask. “Did you just make up this shit?” you might question. It’s real dudes. Symptoms include: lathering up with sunscreen in the morning rather than your typical lotion,  not bothering to brush your hair but instead just throwing your sunglasses atop your head, skipping your make-up regime and forgetting some crucial clothes that are required by a non-coastal society. I miss flip flops and wedges being an acceptable footwear for everything.

Well, so in Florida I was waaaayyy too umm.. let’s say busy. yeah… busy is a good word..I was too BUSY in Panama City Beach to write a post BUT now that I’m home and back to the burbs I’ve got nothing else to do… Back to Reality. WoRd.

Shannon and Richard’s wedding was by far the BEST wedding I have ever been to! I was Ah mAzz ZiNNg. I don’t know why I keep doing that. I’m sorry I’ll stop. Anyways, she had us come to her lingerie party (whatever that is.. I mean I went and I’m still confused..) and her rehersal dinner and both were tip-top good times! But her wedding (despite being rained out and move indoors last minute) was the party of the century. Shannon looked SO pretty as she became a Sadie! It all was just storybook! They are perfect for each other and I am so glad to have attended their wedding!

The happy couple ever so sweetly feeding each other cake.

The rest of the week was pretty chill. Lot’s of beach time! Panama City Beach is NICE. The sand is white, the water is blue and the sun is hot. I am now, however, too tan to be Caucasian. And I am apparently never hearing the end of it. I worked tonight and everyone is like HEY oh wow you’re tan. Some comments were more 

That’s  the crew on our last night of the trip.

derogatory… and/or racist. But honestly, I’m not that tan. I’m by no means that mother who was arrested for tanning with her 6-year-old… That lady is just ridiculous.

Basically, I loved Panama City Beach and I would totally go back! Now, the 11 hour drive…. not excited to ever participate in that again any time soon…

This concluded my summer beach escapades so that puts a momentary break in my travel blog. Sorry guys, I’ve stopped being awesome.

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