Back to Florida Tomorrow…

Basically, the Bahamas were awesome. I had so much fun on the islands and got to conclude my family va-cay with a lovely stay in Miami, the cannibal capitol of the world. Thankfully, I made it out of there with my face still intact.

OK. So that was all probably too soon. Also that article I linked to that… written by Carl Hiaasen! He wrote Hoot! Ah small world!

So now that I have been back for a few days I’m kinda missing the sunshine state. You know what? I think I’ll just go back! Tomorrow evening I’m going to Panama City, Fla. for my friend Shannon’s wedding! I am so excited. I love weddings. Absolutely adore them! Getting dressed up and dancing the night away in celebration of love!!!! I’m corny, I know but I just love it! Plus i get to spend a week with my friends in a condo on the beach. Life can’t get any better than that! This will be my third trip to Florida (second this month!) but I have never been to PC!

I think by the end of this trip, I might be a full ethnicity darker… I guess we’ll see!

Kinda wish I was still in this moment….

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