Me in Miami

Apparently there is no cell service or anywhere on any other islands in the Bahamas and that is why I’ve been a leettlee absent on WP. Ma baahhhdd.

Now my irritable family and I are in Miami at the classy Fountainebleau (or something else with a ridiculous amount of vowels) hotel on Miami Beach.  It is super nice and I feel like we are the Clampetts in their new Beverly Hills home. Except we are in Miami and Elly May was and will always be way hotter than me.

Like OMG Natalie. Living the life, right? Wrong. It’s kind of raining… a little lot. So the fabulous pool and private beach that comes with this baby are a no-go right now so I’m watching Speed 2: Cruise Control. The irony wasn’t lost on me.

Cruises are so weird. I don’t know how I feel about them… Everyone who works there is awesome! They are from all around the world (a lot of South Africans on Sky). And there is food everywhere all the time. And drinks. And no clocks! It’s just so different. But fun! Plus the food is delicious!

Oh yeah… cruises are also awesome because every night you get a breathtaking view I couldn’t get enough pictures of!

We went to a private island owned by Norweigian on Wednesday and we went snorkeling and I saw tons of fish.. no Dory or Nemo but that would have been awesome. Then I saw a sting ray. And then I was done snorkeling. Just kidding! I absolutely loved snorkeling. Like… I’m adding it to my list of hobbies and moving to Florida.

Yeah I’m pretty cool.

My new friend. And thank God not enemy.

Then yesterday we went to Nassau and Paradise Island and we went to Atlantis! So awesome!!!! One day was not enough! It wasn’t as sunny as I had wished but it’s OK because I am so going back (once I am a millionaire obviously).

Hopefully it clears up here in MIA and I can get my five star hotel pool on. Or if i can at least see a celebrity! That’d be worth it!


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