Grand Bahama Island

My view…. jealous?

Or whatever I said I was gonna call it…

So that’s my view right now at the resort we came to. It’s called Viva Fortuna Beach… and I immediately thought of Fortuna Major. Suuuch a dork, I know.

Omg so yesterday I got a free spa treatment by being a model! (Aka they did the treatment and explained to people coming through for the tour not like “hi I am a friend of Heidi Klum, give me free stuff”) I did this ionization thing…. yeah idk what it was but it was free. THEN we got free… no complimentary wine at dinner. And today at the resort everything is included. Even booze because I lied and got a grown up wrist band. I’m learning a lot if synonyms for free on this cruise.

Anyways, I’m gonna tan slowly into a different ethnicity. Bye for now!

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