Future Bahama-Mama

So there are these islands apparently… like around Florida I think… and they are called the Bahamas. They house all-inclusive resorts i think and the water is like reallllyyy clear. As my idol/role model Liz Lemon would say: “I want to go to there.”

OK so I know a little more about these tropical islands then I led on and I am about to go on a five-day cruise out of Miami visiting three of these little drops of heaven!

Lol it looks a lot shorter of a trip than a week.. hahah do we just like go in circles or something?

First me and my family will be flying to Miami… Ahh the city of sin.. or sunshine.. or Cubans? I’m not really sure.. But I’ll find out! We will go first through the airport terminal in Houston, then the one in Miami, then the cruise terminal, and then, after losing my faith in humanity or maybe just the government, I will finally board my Norwegian ship the Norwegian Sky. It is the actual cruise I am so stoked about. I love cruises. It is like a tropical traveling dorm BUT you already know your roommates, the internal events are actually fun, the food is actually edible and you only have to deal with your drunk classmates/shipmate for a week! So… yeah it isn’t like college at all. I can’t wait for the shows, the pools and theomgmouthwatering food. But Natalie! Aren’t you worried about gaining wait and having to constantly be in a swimsuit? GTFO of my blog-o-sphere. Now bitch. 

The next day we will be rolling–I mean floating–up on the shore of The Grand Bahama Island. Super creative name guys. Look my blog is already uninteresting enough. Could you give me something to work with? From now own I refer to this island as… umm… Gran Bajamar (great shallows–because of its treacherous coral reefs) which is what the Spanish named it when they discovered it in pre-colonial times. Until those British bitches came in and took everything over. But thankfully Johnny Depp and the crew of the Black Pearl showed them who was boss (aka pirates basically ran that shit). Anyways, Gran Bajamar is the closest island to the US! It is only 90 km away from the Florida coast–which is 56 miles in American. 

Wednesday morning my (most-likely) fried family and I will feast our eyes on the awesomely-named Great Stirrup Cay. This itty-bitty lil island is actually owned by Norwegian Cruise Line so pish posh. Kinda boring historically but they do, like some of their visitors (myself included), have some killer coconuts! HA HAAA. OK but seriously… I’m gonna get me a coconut….

Our island hopping ends at Nassau with a visit to Paradise Island that houses the luxurious Atlantis resort. I am so excited for this day. I have been waiting for this day since I saw Mary Kate and Ashley running around there with dolphins and cute boys. I only hope my visit even slightly resembles their’s…. 

Atlantis is so cool. They have a water park, an aquarium, private beaches and–according to the pictures–constantly clear skies and water. Well I really hope that last thing is true because there is just tons of stuff to do there. I cannot wait!

whoa… so you don’t think I can do it all in 12 hours? Challenge accepted.

Wow this is a lot longer than I expected it to be… but hey that is just a day in the life of my blog. Please follow my travel blog posts (aka my next like 5ish posts) as I bob and weave through paradise. Dang… I should sell things…


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