I have a problem.

Hello my name is Natalie and… I’m a shopaholic.

I’ve been shopping free for just under an hour now so I guess you can say I’ve hit a little road bump in my road to rehabilitation.  But here’s why my shopping addiction is different than Isla Fisher’s….

The products of me falling off the wagon.

I generally consider myself to be a responsible young adult. I have never gotten a speeding ticket. I have never been fired from a job (and I have been working since I was 16.) I’ve gotten good (well great, let’s be honest here) grades my entire life. But I am only human. Shopping (apparently) is my addiction.

First let me defend my self by saying I do not shop at Michael Kors or Betsy Johnson and I literally can’t even think of any more designers. However, Ross and Walmart definitely do not satisfy my stylish needs. So, to be clear, I would classify my taste as moderate/practical pricing with a love for sales and coupons. That being said (so you can judge me at your own barometer) I frequent Express, Nordstrom’s, Sephora, DSW, Payless, Delia’s, Target and Victoria’s Secret with the occasional Old Navy and Forever 21 visits.

But hey at least I’m not sneaking a joint in the back of an alley or sipping from a flask on a daily basis. I think my addiction might be a little healthier and probably–although not likely–cheaper.

But every Target run or mall trip with friends is a potential bender. There are two key factors that can cause my binge shopping. Firstly a sale or coupons. Express has almost constant 30% sales on dresses or accessories. I will literally try on 68 dresses to find one I wanna buy. Coupons are no different. Those three coupons VS sends out like monthly? Yeah, I’m gonna need to use them all. Online shopping is the worst. Free shipping over $50? OK. Just give me about 45 seconds to find a few things I. Another potential shopping spree motivation is a good fit/buy. You know that feeling when you pull on  pair of jeans and that classic heavenly sound plays in your head because hallelujah-praise-the-lord they fit? Well that right there also starts the dressing room scene in the movie of my life where I try everything on in the store and leave with bags all the way to my elbows.

OK so that is kinda like in the movie. But at least my credit card bills are in the $100’s range and not the $1,000’s. Well at least usually.

Here’s my reader-participation part of the day: HELP PLEASE? Do you encounter these same problems? If so, how to you control your urges?

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