Brevity has never been my strong suit. Being prolific in AP style: yes. Always knowing what to say: definitely. Reading between the lines: oh yeah. But slicing and dicing my hard work? Over my dead body. This is why I have a very interesting future as a journalist ahead of me. This is why I’ve decided to use a little formatting to help you and your generation’s short attention span. OK MY generation too. Well, you’re welcome. If I say something funny/important I will to try to remember to bold it. If it is in bold and is not funny–not even at all–then err it must have been a format error. It’s not like I’m not funny. That’s just ridiculous.

Full disclosure… I do not typically look like this. This is the product of poor lighting and tons of PMB editing. Don’t think that I’m the kind of girl that’s pretty and interesting. Yeah, those girls don’t actually exist

Now on to the real blogging. HA! I told you I was nothing less than long-winded! That was just a tiny introduction. Anyway, I am planning to blog once a week (well honestly whenever the hell I want because this is my blog so don’t you dare give my any deadlines in MY HOUSE. word.) on basically anything I feel like talking about.

I’ll keep this blog brief with the sole purpose to introduce myself and my blog. I am a 20-year-old college student who works at Pappadeaux(way too much

) and I basically have the world figured o

ut so go ahead and use this blog as your life guide. Wow sarcasm is really hard to portray in writing. Now, which of the preceding sentences were sarcastic? It could go either way. OH, so you think you know it? Wow you are SO smart! This is starting to resemble the Blues Clues talking to the audience scenes. I must stop.

Last thing… you might be confused by this title so let me explain. In the world of journalism, writers don’t get to choose their pieces’ titles. sad, right? I mean you get to choose the other 1000 words in the piece but those three to four big, bold words are (realistically not ideally) the only words of that story 95% of people will read. And YES I made that percentage up but you get the picture.

So. Yes. in the blogosphere, the blogger can do ANYTHING they want… and I do mean anything. Check this, out. These is like the worst grammers ever! I didnt even get a red lines for this mistakes! YIKES. This bad grammar/punctuation is hurting me more than I thought it would. OMG GETTING BACK ON TRACK.

I love the world of journalism so to pay tribute to it I am not giving my own work a title. If you wish to name it please offer your suggestions in the comment section. Remember witty, pun-filled and alliterative are my three favorite things when it comes to writing. Or rhyming clearly. You become not only the reader but the editor as well. Wow the internet is awesome.

Oh so why is my title TKTK and in brackets. Those mean “to come” or signal out what needs to be changed or added. Hey I don’t make the rules. I simply acknowledge them and do what I want anyway. 

Peace out homie G. 

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